Nat Nack

NatNack is a revolutionary and innovative product right from its inception. When we began collaborating with this brand a few years ago, Galmot Foods approached us to work on the individual packaging of their products. Since that day, we were greatly surprised by this distinct offering in a market saturated with products that contribute little to our nutrition.

Over time, our collaboration with @santiago.quinche , @smontoya22 , @sgalvez1 and team grew, leading to the development of more and more branding projects for their products. One day, we collectively realized that with this brand, we were executing many disconnected elements, and what this product line needed was to take a step back and build a brand identity from scratch. We needed to redefine its core values, its voice, and a robust strategy that resonated with a youthful, dynamic audience always seeking connection with people and the world. This realization gave birth to the significant brand identity project through which we redefined and elevated NatNack’s entire communication system. As a team, we determined that the brand’s primary objective is to amplify those small moments of spontaneity and awaken people’s authenticity in their ‘natural state.’ This innate state truly reflects who we are and connects us with friends and family. It goes beyond societal masks, defining us as genuine individuals. After finalizing this brand strategy, we proceeded to create multiple graphic pieces that formed a vibrant, playful, colorful, and bold visual identity for a conscious consumer who enjoys life without being confined to overly minimalist or simplified brands. And so, the new brand that is revolutionizing the way we snack was defined – @nat.nack .


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