Back in 2022, @lauposso reached out to us to work on a branding project for a new company she was starting to build as part of the founding team, Modak. From our initial meeting with Laura and @why.madhu we realized that this was more than just an interesting design project — it was the realization of someone’s dream, encompassing a beautiful process of growth, learning, and impact. Madhu, after sharing his incredible story, left us deeply moved by the profound symbolism underlying the name Modak. It was a tale as sweet as the Indian dumpling itself and as joyful as its meaning — “a small part of bliss.”

As the project progressed, we had the opportunity to meet more members of the Modak team. During the process of defining the intricacies of the visual identity, we engaged in a collaborative and enjoyable journey where everyone contributed their ideas. The project stood out due to its meticulous attention to every visual detail of the brand.

Undoubtedly, this has been one of the projects that we have immensely enjoyed, witnessing its incredible evolution over time. For sure, Modak will continue to harness the power of fintech, gamification, and community to empower teenagers, enabling them to unlock their full potential. ✨🥟🦸



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