Nowadays, all businesses need a compelling story behind their brands. A story that evokes emotions in people and becomes a catalyst for conversations. It’s no longer just about being remembered through repetition; today, brands must be infused with meaning and value for their followers. The best way for brands to truly come to life is with a story that breaks through convention and ignites the voices of the people. A story that shakes the popular culture. This is how a simple business transforms into a brand.

Agile Craft

In the past, quality was always tied to time constraints. However, in today’s world, thanks to agile methodologies, advanced project management tools, and automation, it’s possible to achieve world-class quality craftsmanship within the industry’s current demands. This, combined with the talent of brilliant and young minds, enables us to offer efficiency and effectiveness in our projects.

User Friendly

In our industry, brands are typically created for implementation by teams with expertise in branding and marketing. Our proposition is to create tools for every individual within an organization. We want all collaborators to take ownership of their brands, regardless of their role or position within the company. Technology is our main ally in making this solution scalable and widely usable

Tasting and evaluation

Iterative approaches to corporate strategy foster collaborative thinking to further the overall value proposition. Organically grow the holistic world view of innovation.

Team kiddo

We have a highly talented and creative team whose passion translates into incredible work

Francisco Quinche

Co-Founder & Head of Creative

Valerie Goutorbe

Co-Founder & Head of Operations and PM

Santiago Quinche

Co-Founder & Head of Finance

David Parra

Craft & Technical Designer

Melissa Otalora

Visual Strategist Designer

Jorge Bonilla

Craft & Technical Designer

Monica Cely

Sales representative

Akemi Iwanaga

Marketing specialist

Tatiana Bejarano

Administrative and accounting assistant


Cuddle Expert


Sports enthusiast / Ball player

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