Clap Burgers

Crafting the Visual Identity for Clap Burger: A Fun and Unique Dining Experience

We had the pleasure of designing the main character and visual identity for Clap Burger, a vibrant hamburger restaurant. The journey to create the perfect “Clap Buddy” was filled with creativity and excitement, resulting in a memorable and engaging brand identity. Our primary goal was to develop a main character, the “Clap Buddy,” that would embody the fun and unique spirit of Clap Burger. This character serves as the face of the brand, creating a friendly and inviting atmosphere for customers.

We focused on creating a visual identity that is both eye-catching and reflective of the restaurant’s lively environment. Bright colors, playful graphics, and a cohesive design language were key elements in bringing Clap Burger’s brand to life.


Cra 9A #98-37,
Oficina 301, Bogotá

+57 3156110395

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