Curi No Umi

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A couple of years ago, we had the wonderful experience of collaborating with the brilliant mind of @curipegui . At that time, Caro had the idea of formalizing her clothing and accessories brand, inspired by her beautiful drawings and paintings reflecting the Japanese spirit. After a couple of creative sessions, absorbing everything Caro had in her mind, we began working and piecing together this lovely visual identity that aimed to represent a sea of ideas revolving around the meeting of Japan and Colombia, quite literally, “a sea of ideas” as “Curi No Umi” translates from Japanese – ‘The Sea of Curi’. The result of the project was a brand centered around the gaze of a Kabuki actor. Kabuki is a traditional form of theater in Japan that emerged in the early 17th century and was particularly popular among city dwellers. At that time, Caro was already creating handmade necklaces that showcased a deep and colorful glimpse of this theatrical world. Finally, we proposed a branding system that presents a stylized representation of the eyes of a Japanese Kabuki character. The eyes, with elegant and expressive strokes, reflect Japan’s artistic and cultural essence. An essence immersed in a tradition of Colombian artistic and artisanal crafts. The key brand asset of the brand evokes a sense of mystery and charm, attracting attention to a distinctive and multicultural identity. Nowadays, this brand has already participated in different fairs and significant initiatives, and Caro continues to dazzle us with her magnificent creations from her universe in @curinoumi

ClientCuri No UmiServicesBrandingYear2022


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